In groups of max. 10 people, you'll learn how to analyse external factors relevant for strategy formulation, and how to define future scenarios.

This training is composed of the following elements:
• strategic intelligence (information gathering and analysis)
• foresight (long term strategy definition)

Learning objectives:
• Differentiate elements of interest for the information gathering
• Formulate the company's need(s) and its essential characteristics.
• Organize and set up monitoring activities
• Design anticipatory future scenarios.
• Evaluate future scenarios in the context of current decision-making.
• Define or redefine a long-term vision and strategy.

Examples are adapted to the audience; the focus will be on the concepts that are of particular interest to the trainees.

(*) Retail price per participant for training at customer location - reductions for XPLUS customers available


Anne Wanielista

Senior Intelligence Professional

Anne Wanielista

Expert in strategy analysis and definition, helping organizations to shape their future.