Practical workshop in groups of max. 6 people to gain a deep understanding ​of the issues that underly stakeholder concerns:
- improve your questioning approach,
- better understand of what is really needed.

- role-playing on each participant’s real-life case
- Instruction & redo exercise

A common pitfall is to act as ‘messengers’, insufficiently questioning:
- whether the customer’s request is truly what the customer needs;
- whether the current/proposed way of working is in line with company objectives

In this training, this pitfall is unlearned by intensively working on:
- techniques for communication skills
- attitude, incl. assertiveness and self-confidence

In a precursing fine-tuning session, we adapt the training to the objectives and particularities of your context

(*) Retail price per participant for training at customer location - reductions for XPLUS customers available


Wim Stuyck

Talent Consultant

Wim Stuyck

HR * Learning & Development Consultancy, advies op maat, mbt leertrajecten, recruitment, management. Business coaching voor één of meerdere medewerkers.