A platform is a deceptively simple concept, designing one is anything but. Existing methodologies cannot help in designing and strategizing scalable, ecosystem-based platform propositions.

The hands-on platform design masterclass builds on the Platform Design Toolkit, used by practitioners all around the world. With it, you will start uncovering your ecosystem and designing products and services that support it towards better performances and new opportunities.

In just 2 days you will learn how to:
• Explore an ecosystem and discover its potential to leverage for its participants’ mutual benefit
• Design how the platform works as a system in support of the ecosystem by creating, exchanging and compensating value
• Prepare the platform’s validation by defining a prototype Minimum Viable Platform
• Understand your professional and personal purpose and mission in making this platform come alive

The masterclass puts platform design in your hands. You’ll leave with a facilitator’s box set, containing all materials you would need to start facilitating high-energy platform design workshops and to get platform thinking embedded in your organisation—small or large.

(*) Retail price per participant for training at customer location - reductions for XPLUS customers available


Ron Kersic

Technology Innovation & Strategy, CoE Architects, ING

Ron Kersic

Ron takes part in transforming ING: practically applying market paradigms and technology trends as they emerge to help create new business models and matching organization designs. He acts as a trusted advisor to business and IT leaders by providing insights, perspectives, and key principles and frameworks to support innovation, solve wicked problems and drive results.

Adriana Lakatosova

Platform Strategy, CoE Architects, ING

Adriana Lakatosova

Adriana’s main focus is on extending the off-the-shelf Platform Design Toolkit into a self-serve platform design. To accomplish this mission, she shares, presents and assists on platform design activities globally across ING.