Architecture is our way to cope with complexity and change, through a method of designing and planning things before they are constructed. Information Architecture enables an information strategy or business solution through the definition of the company’s business information assets, their sources, structure, classification and associations that will prescribe the required application architecture and technical capabilities

This training is led by our trainer, together with your Information Architecture practice lead. As a precursor, practical cases from your organization are built in via a co-creation workshop.

In groups of max. 10 people, we'll proposes core methods, techniques & practices, providing an architecture perspective on data management. It combines framing/positioning and explaining with case discussions and exercises.

After this training you'll be able to answer and demonstrate:
-How Information Architecture contributes to Strategy.
-What are the typical concerns addressed by Information Architecture.
-How traditional views on architecture elaboration undervalue Information Architecture, and how to counter this.
-How to represent the Information Architecture landscape.
-Which steps to follow to address IA challenges.
-How to translate your company's values on IT asset mgmt into actions and results.
-How to support the analysis of Information Architecture concerns.
-How to verify Information Architecture realization.

(*) Retail price per participant for training at customer location - reductions for XPLUS customers available


Bart Du Bois

Partner XPLUS Academy, Solution Architect

Bart Du Bois

Committed to help architecture practices harmonize the objectives and constraints of individual development projects with the principles and standards of established Target Architectures. Facilitating the alignment between business and IT by structuring/enhancing the process for architecture creation and the management of Enterprise Architecture content.